Company Profile

PT MULTIBANGUN REKATAMA PATRIA maintains a comprehensive "ready stock" of all products and accessories, so that project requirements can be supplied and installed without delay.

PT MULTIBANGUN REKATAMA PATRIA is an Indonesian company operating within the geosynthetics industry of civil engineering. Since it was established in 1998, this company has completed hundreds of projects throughtout Indonesia.

Based on this ecperience PT MULTIBANGUN REKATAMA PATRIA has become a trusted partner of public and private multinational companies in providing specialist services to their projects.

Continuing as a market leader maintaining both a competitive and profesional image within the Indonesian geosynthetics industry

Conduct company activities to a high standard of ethics and integrity

Increase the awareness of geosynthetic products and their appropriate use so that customers can choose systems and solution sultable for their projects

Supply high quality geosynthetic materials, designed by experienced engineers and installed by expert technicians, aimed at providing customers satisfaction.

Develop the company with modern and professional resources

Give appreciation to employees by developing their well-being, creating a safe and convenient working environment as well as providing opportunities for career advancement